{ Drying system biodiesel }

System features

Model BioDry
Serial number D101
License Number EP07123674.9 ref. DE1579PTEP
Product Biodiesel, vegetable oils

up to 35 ton. / h of Biodiesel relative air humidity


1500 Kg./h start
700 Kg/h in function 
3 bar steam

Electric power

installed 96 KW
absorbed in function 65 KW

Dimensions skid of 9 mt. x 2.5 mt. x 3.5 mt. high
Output product features Biodiesel Water content spec.<200 ppm

PED certification

Product features output Biodiesel Water contenent spec.<200 ppm

The system is not limited by water contained in the input Biodiesel

Temperature Range Empty H2O IN H2O OUT
°C Ton/h mbar ppm ppm
90 30 19 1020 200
95 35 18 1030 200

Steps of drying process of biodiesel:

  • loading of biodiesel from store
  • heating of biodiesel
  • water separation in the flash reactor under vacuum at 20 mbar
  • freezing biodiesel output
  • freezing water and elimination through centrifugal pump
  • the output product from the dryer is filtered on a battery of filters in series from 1 Micron to break down the TOTAL CONTAMINATION

The mobile plant drying of biodiesel is transportable and can be connected directly to the store.

The cycle is continuous, and through the appropriate management of temperature and pressure shows the biodiesel to specific conditions. This is possible thanks to a series of steps in which the product passes from ambient temperature to higher temperatures, which is followed by a rapid decrease in pressure (drying phase); the product thus obtained out of the loop, transferring heat to the new product that is entering.
The system allows to extract the water from the biodiesel through the placing of the same in one or more extraction cycles.
This is possible through a centrifugal pump which withdraws the biodiesel from the deposit, places it in cycle addressing it to a heat generator and subsequently to two flash reactor in series.
The heating of the biodiesel is obtained through heat exchangers working at a temperature of 60-100 C and subsequently leading biodiesel in the flash reactor.

In order to optimize the evaporation process, the flash reactor working under vacuum, by means of a high vacuum pumping group. The water in the form of steam is directed to a condenser cooled by a cooling apparatus at a temperature of between -5 and +5 C.
The killing of the steam temperature has the effect of avoiding emissions of noxious fumes and allows the contrary, its water condensation.
The whole process of drying the biodiesel is controlled by a central control unit that allows you to manage separately each cycle by changing the parameters and operating conditions.
In detail, the Biodry is mounted inside of a skid transportable rig, and consists of a set of pumps, heat exchangers, from tanks 2 and a refrigerating unit.
The process consists in drying the Biodiesel vacuum, after heating with steam through the heat exchangers present. The whole process is fully automated and controlled by a PLC located in a control panel where you can change at will and reach operating temperature.

  • The equipment and the electrical system is built in explosion-proof ATEX 100a Directive 94/9 / EC, the group pumps are ATEX Ex IIB T3,
  • The refrigeration unit explosion-proof according to ATEX - Ex-D IC. Mod. RHL 40 / A / EEx for cooling from 10C to 5C of 8.4 m³ / h of brine to 20%